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Portland St. 358


Portland St. 358


It's not fast food,
it's flavour, with flair.

Street food, cocktails, spirits & beers.




Pst. breakfast

Gluten free available on request.
Unlimited tea & ground coffee. 
9.30am - 2pm Mon - Sun.


Back bacon, pork sausage, tomato, mushrooms, beans, black pudding, toast
& choice of egg.


Veggie (v)
Vegetarian sausage, tomato, mushrooms, fried potato, roasted peppers & onions, beans, toast & choice of egg.

 Back bacon, char grilled steak, fried potato, beans, maple syrup wa es & choice of egg.

Chorizo sausage, scrambled egg, fried potato, mixed bean salsa & roti bread (Vegetarian - replace chorizo for vegetarian sausage).


Steak n Eggs
Chargrilled 6oz steak, fried potatoes, mushrooms, toast & two fried eggs.

Salmon & Eggs
Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs & fried potato with brown toast.

358 Breakfast Burger
Homemade sausage pattie, bacon, tomato, mushrooms & topped with a fried egg served in toasted Kaiser Bun with hash browns
£7. Add beans or black pudding for 75p.

Bunny Chow Breakkie
Piece of back bacon, pork sausage, beans, mushrooms & fried egg served inside our stone baked bunny cob.

Simply Toasted

All served on toasted thick bread.

Back bacon, tomato, lettuce & mayo.

Chicken & Bacon
Char grilled chicken breast, bacon, tomato, lettece & mayo.

Mushroom Melt (v)
Pan fried mushrooms & spinach topped with melted cheese
& fried egg.


Grilled Back Bacon
Lean grilled back bacon served on thick toasted bread.

Fresh Pork Sausage
Fresh grilled pork sausage served on thick toasted bread (vegetarian sausage available).

Egg of Your Choice (v)
Fried, poached or scrambled served on thick toasted bread.


Add an extra filling for 75p per item
choose from: Bacon / Sausage / Egg
/ Beans / Mushrooms / Tomatoes / Fried potato. 

Breakfast Pizza Fries

Mini hash browns, bacon, sausage, tomato & melted cheese topped with fried egg (vegetarian option available).
£6. Add beans for 75p.

Portland Pancakes

Simply Syrup Pancakes
Homemade & smothered in Icing sugar & sweet syrup.

Add an extra topping for
50p per item

choose from Berry Compote / Nutella / Maple syrup / Butterscotch Sauce / Chocolate Sauce, Crushed Nuts / Whipped Cream / Ice Cream / Banana Puree / Marshmallow / Fresh Berries.

Piggy Pancakes
4 pieces of Char grilled back bacon served over soft pancakes, topped with fried eggs & sweet syrup.


Omelettes (v)
Fresh egg omelette with
a choice of two llings served with fresh toast.

Bacon / Sausage / Mushrooms
/ Tomato / Mixed bean Salsa
/ Cheese / Roasted Peppers
& Onions / Chorizo / Smoked Salmon / Chilli goats cheese / Frank’s hot sauce / cream cheese.


Benny 358

Toasted Muffin or Bagel served with a choice of toppings, topped with 2 poached
eggs & Hollandaise.

Choose From

Chargrilled Back Bacon
Oak Smoked Salmon
Sauteed Spinach (v)



Deep fried in a cinnamon batter served with berry compote & strawberry & chocolate syrups Choose from Wa es, Doughnuts, sweet Brioche Bread.


Muesli (v) (vv) (gf) (n)
With Berry Compote & fresh yoghurt.


Fresh Porridge (v) (vv) (n)
With Nuts & Honey

Granola (V)
with maple syrup yoghurt, berry compote & fresh fruit.


Watermelon & Fresh Fruit (vv) (gf)

Hot Drinks

Americano £2
Double Espresso £1.50
Cappuccino £2.40
Latte £2.40
Macchiato £2.20
Mocha £2.40
Hot Chocolate £2.30

Whipped Cream, Marshmallows & Syrups all at 30p extra.

Tea Selection
English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Assam, Green, Fruit Teas.

(v) Vegetarian (vv) Vegan (gf) Gluten Free (n) Nuts




Pst. mains


Toasted Flatbread & Olives (v) Served with garlic cream, salsa & Jerk sauce.

Mixed Beans & Goats Cheese Croquette (v)
With herbs & spices served on minted cabbage with salsa & garlic cream.

Salt N Pepper Calamari (gf)
Wok fried salt n pepper seasoned calamari, garlic, chillies, spring
onions & coriander.
£6 small £10 large

Garlic Pepper Prawns (gf)
Poached in a tomato coconut sauce with chillies, garlic, spring onions & coriander.
£6 small £10 large

Indian Chicken
Tandoori masala marinated chicken pieces in a spiced batter with a mango jam & garlic cream.

More bites

Chorizo Sausage
Roasted mini chorizo sausages, garlic & coriander in a smoked paprika salsa with toasted flatbread.

Crispy Pork Wantons
With chilli soy, sweet chilli, minted cabbage & crispy seaweed.

Crispy Sui Mai
with wok fried garlic, chillies & pak choy served with dips.
£6 small £10 large

358 Wings or Ribs
Hampton style Chicken Wings or Slow Cooked Pork Ribs in their own sauce or seasoning

– Cajun Dry Rub
– Sticky Chilli
– Jerk Sauce
– BBQ Gravy
– Franks Hot Sauce
– Salt n Pepper

£6 small £10 large


Baked tortilla with a choice of topping, melted cheese & finished with shredded ice berg, salsa, garlic cream, guacamole, coriander & tortilla crisps

Beef Chilli Mole

BBQ Beef, Mushrooms
& Spring Onion

Jerk Chicken, Peppers & Onions

Cajun Tuna & Olive

Mushrooms, Spinach,
Peppers & Onions

£6 each  

Pizza Fries

Margherita (v)                                 Cherry tomato, basil, cracked black pepper & melted cheese.

Latin (v) 
Chorizo sausage, chicken, peppers & onions, salsa & melted cheese (veggie option without the meat & add Vegetarian sausage).

Holy Mole
Beef chilli mole, melted cheese, sour cream, guacamole & crispy tortilla’s.

Jerk Chicken
Shredded Jerk chicken, onions, peppers, melted cheese & garlic cream.

Pulled pork, mixed beans, BBQ sauce & melted cheese.

Cajun Tuna
Peppers & onions, olives, sour cream & melted cheese.

£6 each


Sides £3

– Rock Salt & Pepper Fries (v)
– Cajun Sweet Potato Fries (v)
– Sticky Rice (v)
– Sweet potato mash (v)
– Chargrilled Corn on the Cob (v)
– Wok fried greens (v)    

Dips £1

– Chunky Tropical Mayo (v)
– Jerk Dip
– Sticky Sauce (v)
 – Peanut Satay (n)
– Garlic & Chilli Cream
– Honey Barbecue (v)



Grilled minced beef pattie topped with melted cheese, salad & served in a toasted Kaiser bun.

Sassy Cheese
Single pattie, melted cheddar, goats cheese with chillies & garlic & panko onion ring.

Two patties, char grilled bacon, melted cheese, BBQ sauce & panko onion ring.

Two patties, melted cheese, sticky chilli pulled pork, chorizo & bacon.

Two patties, melted cheese, chorizo sausage, shredded beef, smoked paprika salsa.

Two patties, melted cheese, slow cooked BBQ beef, spring onions & mushrooms.

Chix Kickback
Char grilled Caribbean chicken, melted cheese, Jerk sauce & chunky tropical mayo.

Chicken & Bacon Melt
Crispy chicken breast fingers, char grilled bacon, topped with melted cheese, BBQ sauce & mayo.

Bean (v) 
Mixed bean & goats cheese croquette with herbs & spices, topped with melted cheese, salsa.


5 Spiced Belly Pork
With spring onions, carrots & peppers in sweet Chinese BBQ
chilli syrup.

Italian Beef Rib
Slow cooked beef ribs in a rich Italian BBQ tomato sauce.

Seafood Massaman                       Prawns, white fish, peanuts, coriander, chillies & potato
in a fragrant Massaman
curry sauce.

Chicken Katsu
Deep fried chicken fingers,
in a panko breadcrumb
served on white rice, with
Katsu curry sauce.

Crispy Chilli Beef
Strips of beef in a crisp
coating tossedwith carrots,
spring onions & sesame
seeds in sticky chilli sauce.

Cajun Beef Steak
Cajun rubbed sirloin steak,
with sweet potato fries,
greens, panko onion ring
& garlic sour cream.

Bunny chow

South African rail workers meal of hollowed bread each with its own filling.

Curried Beef Bunny
Slow cooked shredded beef, mushrooms & spring onions in chip shop style curry sauce.

Goats Cheese Bunny (v)                 With creamed goats cheese, chillies, garlic, basil, spinach & mushrooms.

Tennessee Pork Bunny
Pulled pork with beans & rice in honey BBQ sauce.

Chicken Satay Bunny
Chicken breast pieces, spring onions, carrots, spinach & coriander in Jimmy’s peanut satay sauce.

Mex Beef Bunny
Mexican beef chilli with rice, garlic cream, chopped coriander & tortilla crisp’s.

Baked Lavash

The Middle Eastern enchilada filled & baked in the oven in its own sauce.

Pork Curry
Pulled pork, spring onions & coriander in a coconut curry sauce.

Jerk Chicken
Char grilled chicken breast, peppers, onions in a jerk sauce & topped with melted cheese.

Chickpea & Aubergine Salsa (v)
Roasted aubergine, chickpeas, spinach, coriander & pepper & onion salsa, then topped with melted cheese.

Chilli Chorizo
Minced beef chilli, chorizo sausage salsa, spinach & topped with melted cheese.

BBQ Beef
Slow cooked shredded beef, mushrooms & spring onions in our own BBQ sauce & topped with melted cheese.

(v) Vegetarian (vv) Vegan (gf) Gluten Free (n) Nuts


Smurf Murphy
Bubblegum, strawberry & raspberry ripple ice cream, marshmallows, strawberry syrup & whipped cream.

Banana & cinder toffee ice cream, banana puree,
caramel & chocolate syrups
& whipped cream.

Nutella ice cream, fudge
pieces, nutella sauce, caramel syrup & whipped cream.

Cookies & Cream
Crushed Oreo cookie ice cream, chocolate buttons, chocolate syrup & whipped cream.

Chocolate & vanilla ice cream, maltesers, caramel, chocolate sauce & whipped cream.

£6 each


Mars Bar Brownie (gf) (v)
Warm mars bar chocolate brownie topped with nutella
ice cream.

Cheesecake (v) 
Ask server for this weeks flavour.

Doughnut Sandwich (v)
Two ring doughnuts filled
with vanilla ice cream,
topped with caramel sauce.

Crispy Doughnut (v)
Two battered doughnuts,
topped with banoffee & cinder toffee ice cream, caramel & chocolate syrup.

Battered Waffles (v)
With maple syrup & chocolate
ice cream.

£6 each

Soft Drinks

Diet coke
Soda selection

£1.50 - £2.50 each


Milk Shakes


£4 each

Hot Drinks

Americano £2
Double Espresso £1.50
Cappuccino £2.40
Latte £2.40
Macchiato £2.20
Mocha £2.40

Hot Chocolate £2.30
Whipped Cream, Marshmallows
& Syrups all at 30p extra

Tea Selection
English Breakfast, Earl Grey, 
Assam, Green, Fruit Teas

£1.80 each




Pst. drinks


Strawberry Smash
Absolut Vodka, Strawberry liquor, Lemon juice, Mint, topped with Lemonade

Rhubarb Spritz
Chase Rhubarb Vodka, Aperol, Lemon Juice, nished with Prosecco

Beauty School Drop Out
Beefeater Gin, Chambord, Raspberry Liqueur, Lime Juice, and Cranberry

Portland Punch
Makers Mark, Southern Comfort, Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple and Lime

Sass in a Glass
Hendricks Gin, Watermelon Chunks, Lemon Juice, Mint, topped with Prosecco

£6.50 each

More cocktails

Strawberry Jam Mojito
Havana 3 Rum, Strawberry Liqueur, Lime Juice,Mint, Strawberry Jam, nished with Soda

Una Dulce
Old J Cherry Spiced Rum, Cointreau, Lime and Pineapple Juice, with a dash of Grenadine

Lynchberg Lemonade
Makers Mark, Southern Comfort, Lemon Juice, and Lemonade

Garden of Eden
Beefeater Gin, Elder ower Syrup, Lemon Juice, and Tonic Water

Blueberry and Maple Smash Fresh Blueberries muddled with Maple Syrup, Old J Golden Rum, Blueberry Liqueur and Lime Juice


Chocolate Cherry Bourbon
Makers Mark, Chocolate Icecream, Cherry Syrup, Coca Cola

Rum Burdock
Old J Rum, Vanilla Icecream, Dandelion and Burdock

£5.50 each


Draught Beer

Cobra £3.75
Portland Pale Ale £4
Portland Lager £4
Dortmunder £4


Packaged Beers

Lucky Buddha £4
Kona Big Wave £4
Love Lane Pale Ale £4
Heineken £4
Brewdog Dead Pony Club £4 Beavertown Neck Oil £4
South West Orchard Cider £3.50




Orso Bruno Bianco

S (175ml) £3.75
L (250ml) £4.75
B £13

Monterrey Bay Chardonnay
S (175ml) £4
L (250ml) £5
B £14.50

Orso Bruno Rosso

S (175ml) £3.50
L (250ml) £4.50
B £13.50

Monterrey Bay Merlot
S (175ml) £4
L (250ml) £5
B £14.50

Monterrey Bay Zinfandel

S (175ml) £4
L (250ml) £5
B £14.50

Soda selection

Diet Coke
Ginger Beer
Cream Soda
Dr Pepper
Dandelion and Burdock

£2 each


Mint Aero

Jam Donut
Kinder Bueno
Reese’s Peanut Butter

£4 each